About me.

Hello. Salut. Holla. Namaste.

I’m Sapphire Wilson; a teenager who loves nature and peace.

Reading books is a passion I live for. Crazy dancing indicates my happiness level. Drawing is my escape. Music is a whole new world I live in.

I love adventure, but hardly get to do any.

Parties may not be the best option, but I won’t say I don’t like them eventually.

My life is a complete roller coaster ride… and everyday, I try to enjoy the large loops.

Smiling helps me through every situation. (To hide the feelings per se)

My biggest fear is ‘failure’.

In all, I am a complicated person still, trying to discover myself and my life.

About my blog.

This is my space. I write anything and everything scribbling pages to clear off my mind. I’m not good at fiction, but I try writing it anyway.

This is a place where my life fit in words.