Broken dreams.

Fixing broken toys of her little sister, she painted the most natural smile on her face. Her sparkling, brown eyes lit up the dreary room. Her unique laughter was warm and pleasant, like the first day of summer. She carefully, and most beautifully faked her charm. As the moon shone brighter, her sparkling eyes were…

The cost of a defeat.

Sweat ran across my face as he pushed me. Kicking, scratching, screaming I tried to fight away. But, he was too heavy and I felt very weak. I could feel my body go numb as his skin touched mine. With his hand on my mouth, I kept screaming to stop. But his cold eyes just…


The city was asleep. No horns. No speeding cars. The shut stores. Everything was calm but, her brain. The neurons transmitted signals here and there. There was something going on she was unaware of. The adrenaline rushed through activating different cells. Sweat ran across her neck and chest. She clenched her fist gathering the blanket….

To run away.

There is a desire that resides deep within me. To run away to some far away place where no one knows me. No friendships. No acquaintances. Everyone with a new face and a new story to narrate. I want to be surrounded by strangers again. I want to carve a new path without traces of…

A cup of coffee.

The dark brown colour, It smells like magic. The strong flavour, An excess could be tragic. Just one sip, The adrenaline rushes through my brain. From bottom to tip, The caffeine runs in my veins. My heart beats faster, Stimulating every neuron. I welcome every moderate disaster With a cup of coffee I put on….