What’s better than coming back after days to recieve this? Thank you everyone for the 200 follows. Thank you for the support❤ Love y’all. WordPress has changed my life❤

The mystery blogger award.

Hi there! Apart from all the stress of the finals which are due, for like, day after tomorrow… I think I can spare 15 minutes to write this post. I hope i stay within the time limit, even though I am terrible at sticking to the time. Anyway, let’s just start. So, I was nominated…

A cup of coffee.

The dark brown colour, It smells like magic. The strong flavour, An excess could be tragic. Just one sip, The adrenaline rushes through my brain. From bottom to tip, The caffeine runs in my veins. My heart beats faster, Stimulating every neuron. I welcome every moderate disaster With a cup of coffee I put on….


Wow! This was a surprise in the notifications today. Thank you everyone for the follows. There wouldn’t be a best time to say this: it has been a great time here… the love, the empathy, thank you for understanding me and supporting me. Thank you everyone for keeping my spirit to write alive. I never…

A new version.

I thought everything was going to change with the new year. It was after so long I had finally picked up myself to let go of people who hurted me. I was finally doing something for myself. Even though it was very pleasing, it didn’t turn out to be as good as I expected. Now,…