Wish it could last longer.

It was such a beautiful time. The five years I spent with them. I miss those old days. I miss everything about us. I miss them alot. Yeah we were kids back then, about the age of 6. Our friendship was the best in school. We tagged ourselves Best Friends Forever. We sure were the best friends. Millions of secrets, millions and millions of buckets full of love we were sure to never let go.

Until one day, June 1, 2010. We went in different directions. I left the school, the city. I left all of them. And it all started with me. I had no other choice except to go with my family. Our group came down from 5 to 4 and slowly, as years went by, the number kept dropping. 

Everything was a mess for me since then. Friendships got harder and harder. I found no replacement for them. My heart broke, infact it still is. Every single time I look at the old photographs, nostalgia hits me hard.

I wish it could last longer.

I can never get the time back. I can never get all of them back. But, I can never forget them. They were the paradise I once entered the school for. 

We haven’t met since 7 years. And, we weren’t in touch for the past 2 years. The last we mailed was in 2015.

Everything changed as time flew away. We changed. We grew up and are in different cities around the globe. Everything about us have changed. We’ve become each others memory. But, probably the best memory for me.

I miss all of them.

I wish, someday we meet and talk and giggle for hours and hours like we once did.

P.S. for those who are wondering why we mailed each other in a world where social networking sites are a big hit… well, there are several reasons for this, but mainly because I do not own an account on any of the site currently, and well, mailing the old conventional way is fun. So, why not?


Tough to get up.

Days went by. Time never stopped. It was getting tougher. She wasn’t prepared to face anything that came towards her. Failures had already pulled her down many times, she was afraid that this could be the next. 

Every single time she gathered the pieces and tried to get up, someone/something pushed her with a larger force each time. The force is so large, so strong that the pieces become even smaller. She never gave up but the last experience was so bitter that the present has never been sweet enough. 

Nothing favoured her. Neither did she herself. 

11pm yesterday…

It grew darker. The moon shone brighter. City lights filled the city with life. It was comparitively quiet. 

She stood there in the balcony gazing the sky, waiting for a shooting star. She wanted to make a wish. A wish, uncertain to be true. It was getting tough and the pain in her throat made it tougher. But she kept on gazing; because, it was a last hope.